How to Create Copy + Content that Actually Works for Your Business and Doesn’t Require You to Act Like a Sociopath.

Part workbook. Part book book. A little bit love letter. All incredibly useful.

You’re up to big things. Too bad your business is on mute.

In the increasingly frenetic world that is the online smallbiz space, the right words aren’t just a nice-to-have — to other people, they are, quite literally, your work.

Other people don’t live in your head. They don’t see firsthand the results of your work. It’s not that they don’t want to care about you. It’s that unless you know how to find the right words, inflect them for the right audience, use them with the right strategy, and execute on them in the right way, all those potential clients out there just don’t know how.

People buy from people.

So where the hell are you?

If you don’t know how to show up human, your business is never going to get the attention, trust, and conversions you need to have your greatest impact.

— You could spend years honing the craft of copywriting. (In all that imaginary spare time you have between running a business, taking care of your clients, learning all the other things you need to learn to keep your business floating, and oh right, living your life.)

— You could hire it all out and hope that you run into a copywriter who really gets you, deep down, and has the skills to translate that genius into copy and content that converts. (Spoiler alert: more rare than you’d think.)

— You could follow yet another “high conversion” template for writing copy that hits your readers in the gut and makes you feel like a manipulative asshole. (Hint: there’s a much better way to do this stuff!)

You could try to come up with some sort of duct tape and safety pins approach to your words, hoping that they all kinda sorta just come together and things work out and people magically start paying attention and giving you their money. (C’mon.)

Or you could learn the easiest, most effective methodology there is for creating copy and content that really work for your business from a veteran copywriter who’s spent the last 10 years getting phenomenal results for her clients — and teaching them her secrets along the way.

That’s what Write Like a Human is all about.

It’s a comprehensive guide to get you writing copy and content like the pros, so you can start seeing the increased income and impact that come with the right words used well.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of your craft; I’ve got more than double that. And with a data set of hundreds of clients from dozens of countries, and tens of thousands of dollars in ROI for them, I know what I’m talking about.

The difference between me and the other fantastic copywriters out there? I also specialize in teaching this stuff to people who “aren’t good at writing”. Because unlike many other copywriters, I also coach and co-write with my clients, which means that I know exactly what questions, pitfalls, and problems come up when you’re a busy business owner trying to figure out your words fast.

I’ve distilled everything I know into a comprehensive masterclass that just happens


to take the form of a book.

Long story short: it will teach you everything you need to know to write incredibly effective copy and content for yourself, give you the step-by-step strategies to make the most of it, and walk you through sentence by sentence templates for actually creating an entire suite of copy and content for yourself.

You’ll learn:

— How to talk about the things that are most important to you in a way that makes other people care — and why that’s the key to getting your copy and content to make you some real money.

— The secret that makes the difference between writing that’s pretty damn good and writing that’s brain-meltingly compelling, “shut up and take my money NOW” amazing.

— Why all those manipulative “high conversion” templates and methodologies aren’t actually as effective as they initially appear — and how you can leverage evolutionary biology to get better results without making people feel like shit.

— The four-step methodology that makes writing perform as an asset for your business — instead of just one more drain on your time.

— My in-house secrets for painless content planning and seamless batching. (So seamless, in fact, that you’ll be able to knock out months of content in one sitting. Yeah, it’s that easy.)

— How to write everything from a home page right down to a Tweet (and the theory behind it that will change everything about the way you write for the better.)

Best of all,

this is a book you work with.


Because let’s be honest — I can tell you about this stuff all day long, and at the end of that very long lecture, you’d have a whole lot of theory. And that’s great. But what’s even better is knowing the theory behind it all AND having worked through everything we’ve talked about to create an entire suite of copy and content for yourself.

Yeah, we learn by doing. So with this book, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. I’ve gone through every type of copy and content you could conceivably need to get your words working for you, broken them all down into their fundamental parts, and created templates to walk you through everything.

By the end of this book, you’ll have created your own:

Home page

About page

Sales page

Content Strategy



Nurture campaign

Show Up/Mop Up campaign

Sales campaign

Press release

Plus a whole bunch of miscellaneous scripts, like emails to ask people for testimonials and referrals, and even my script for firing clients that ends up with the client thanking you.

It will all be easier than you think. I promise. No matter what your business is, no matter how “bad you are” at writing, no matter how stressed out the thought of this whole thing makes you. I’ve got you.

If you have a business that isn’t getting the impact and income you know it could, and you want to get expert guidance from an experienced copywriter who LOVES teaching this stuff to people who are “bad at writing,” you need this book.


Because here’s the truth: if you can’t figure out a way to leverage your words for your business, all that great work you’re doing? It might as well not exist. And that is a fucking tragedy.

Join me, and let’s put those words to work!

Get your copy here.