Business is broken.

We all know that. We’re talking about it all the time. We’ve post-mortemmed, cancelled, and wrung our hands for 10 years, pointing loudly and often to the people who are ruining it for the rest of us.


We know the problem intimately. I’m interested in the solution. That’s where you come in.

I want to see what happens when we get a room of different online business owners together talking about how they’re human-ing in their business, and how we can do it together.

There will be no pitching. No upsells. No funnel. It’s just a conversation.

Why am I doing it like this?


As individual humans we’re inherently limited.

I can only come up with so much on my own, because I’m only me. If we’re going to actually move this industry forward, it’s going to take more than what any one of us can do on our own. As one of my very good friends says, “All the easy problems have been solved.” We need all of us, working together, to figure out how to solve the hard ones.

Conversation creates a space for that to happen. It broadens our horizon of possibility. And that’s always the first step towards creating something different.


I know you want something more for our industry. That’s why I really want your voice in this conversation.


Want in? Here’s what I need from you:

  • A short video answering these 3 questions:
    1. Who are you and what do you stand for?
    2. What’s it going to take to save online business?
    3. What do you want us do? This is an invitation for you to lead us somewhere. And this is not about just a bunch of big-hearted do-gooders talking about possibilities. This is actually doing something concrete and specific.
  • A short bio (no more than 300 words pls), including links to wherever people can find you.
  • A headshot.

(See? How easy is that?)

Here’s what I DON’T need from you:

  • A video talking about all the many problems of online business and why they’re bad. We’ve already talked that into the ground. I’m interested in what you’re working towards, not what you’re fighting against.

  • A pitch, upsell, or product. That’s not what this is about. (Also, how relaxing is that? None of the summit song and dance. Just you and your thoughts. That’s all we need 🙂

Here’s what you’ll get:


  • The chance to expand your audience and get more eyes on your work and more followers – there will be 25 entrepreneurs involved in this project (including some fancy-pants people I’m very excited about) which is a combined audience of tens of thousands!
  • Shoulder-rubbing time with some of the coolest humans I know.
  • Copy and graphics created by me and my team to help you spread the word about this project.
  • And who knows, maybe we save business together. We’ll for sure give a big old “fuck you” to the homogenization of business. You’ll be made to really think about what you’re up to, and given the chance to lead people towards something you really care about.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen next… 

… but I can’t wait to find out together!