Business is broken.

We all know that. We’re talking about it all the time. We’ve post-mortemmed, cancelled, and wrung our hands for 10 years, pointing loudly and often to the people who are ruining it for the rest of us.

We know the problem intimately. I’m interested in the solution.

Join me for What Happens Next: A Community Conversation About Building the Next Iteration of Business

It’s free. No pitch. No upsell. And I want to hear what you have to say.

In our exhaustive exploration of what’s wrong, we’ve fallen headfirst into a paradigm of us vs. them. The ethical businesspeople vs the dudebros and FLEBs and their non-thinking acolytes. There’s this feeling we’re sinking into of “this is just the way business is” and there’s always going to be these destructive forces against which we have to fight.


But in the span of business, 20 years is NOTHING. We’re still just beginning. So we didn’t like the first dude-bro-y pancake that online entrepreneurship has turned out to be, so what? What I care about is what we want to do now.


I want to see what happens when we get a room of different online business owners together talking about how they’re human-ing in their business, and how we can do it together.


Here’s just a few of the people who have already said yes:

Illana Burk, Your Life's Workshop

Illana Burk, Your Life's Workshop

Mars Lord, Abuela Doulas

Mars Lord, Abuela Doulas

Jonathan Stewart, Simplicity Specialist

Jonathan Stewart, Simplicity Specialist

Eli Trier, Eli Trier Communities

Eli Trier, Eli Trier Communities

Audrey Holst, Fortitude and Flow®

Audrey Holst, Fortitude and Flow®

Here’s how it works:


I’m going to ask 25 of the most interesting humans I know what they stand for, what it’s going to take to save online business, and what they want us to do to make that happen.

They’ll share their answers with me via video, and then I’ll share them with you via email and a pop-up, private Facebook group. And we’ll all talk about it. Human to human.

There will be no pitching. No upsells. There’s no funnel hanging on the end of this. It’s just a conversation.


Why am I doing it like this?


As individual humans we’re inherently limited.


I can only come up with so much on my own, because I’m only me. But our superpower as humans, the thing that makes us so fucking powerful as a species is our ability to share intentionality. To imagine together. When we do that, we become more than the sum of our parts.

And if we’re going to actually move this industry forward, it’s going to take more than what any one of us can do on our own. As one of my very good friends says, “All the easy problems have been solved.” We need all of us, working together, to figure out how to solve the hard ones.


Conversation creates a space for that to happen. It broadens our horizon of possibility. And that’s always the first step towards creating something different.

The echo chamber got us here. The silos are keeping us here. If we want something different, we’re going to have to do something different.

And my something different is this conversation.

This really, really matters.



It’s about the future of business, which in and of itself is worth paying attention to. We all work in this multi-billion dollar ecosystem, which is still by and large treated like a joke in the greater business world, because there’s enough people acting like idiots to deserve the rep. There is such potential here, such power being left on the table.


Entrepreneurship is one of our most democratized access points to power. The development of internet business is disruptive to the degree of history’s greatest game-changers — we’re in a printing press, penicillin, development of the wheel-type situation with the potential to change the world. And I’ll be damned if I see us throw that away in favor of homogenized business and us vs them groupthink.


And that’s why this is such a big deal. Because it’s not just about business.



It’s about humans. It’s about how we want to work, and live, and what we want to leave.



It’s about taking responsibility for this incredibly rare chance to actually shift the trajectory of history.


How are we going to wield this incredible power we’ve been given?

Let’s find out together!