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Why You Should Kill Your Client Avatar

I know, I know, it’s like I just talked about clubbing seals. The client avatar has become so much of a fixture in the small business world that it seems inconceivable not to have one.

Kill it. Kill it dead.

The idea of having a client avatar is great. It’s supposed to help you get a handle on the people you’re writing and selling to, which is especially important because as humans, we’re really terrible about thinking about people in the abstract.

But the way that the whole client avatar thing is taught and executed is almost universally useless. You do the little quiz, you take the questionnaire, you really, really think about whether your client prefers Cap’n Crunch or Fruity Pebbles, and boom, you end up with a nice imaginary friend.

But here’s the thing.

You’re not talking to little paper doll pod people. You’re talking to people people.

3D, in living color, gloriously irrational humans. (Just like you.) Which means that knowing whether they’re a cat person or a dog person and that their favorite color is green isn’t going to cut it.

To be able to connect with people on a level that actually matters, you have to go deep — down into the things that they might not even consciously realize about themselves.

Talk about intense.

It’s not a process that you can really usefully complete with a questionnaire. In fact, it takes up a whole phase of my methodology, the Content Circuit. It takes time, and it takes some really tricky questions, and it takes an absolute ton of self awareness, because without that, you end up describing a version of yourself instead of any actual client.

So how do you do it?

Well, you can get some help from someone who’s done it a bunch before. You can get some excellent sign posting to help you if you want to DIY it. Or you can start by simply asking yourself,

“What things will be true about these people regardless of their external circumstances?”

 Sounds simple, right? But if you take it seriously and really think, what things would remain true about these people whether they were making a million dollars a month or they were homeless? What about if they got really sick? What if they won an all expenses paid year long vacation to Bali? What about how they are on the worst day of their lives? On the best day of their lives? It becomes immensely more complicated, because we as humans are incredibly malleable, and insanely adaptable.


So if you can get to those very core things, the innermost beliefs and characteristics, and then figure out why those things are the way they are, you’ve got a good start. Not a client avatar. Not a fully fleshed out person. But a decent start. And a hell of a lot more interesting information than anyone’s favorite fucking cereal.

Ready to kill your client avatar and learn how to talk to your audience in a way that really resonates with them?

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