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Want Your Words to Work for You? Create a Circuit, Not a Sparkler

So we've all agreed by now that content is a Good ThingTM for your business, right? Which means that for better or worse, there are about 700 zillion resources out there telling you how to create it. So you try one thing and the other, and then you try them again, and still nothing works, so you try one more thing and ... nothing. Crickets.

Which can kind of make you wonder … is this whole content thing even worth it? And I get it, believe me -- I've read reams of posts, books, slides, and anything else you can think of on the subject, and a lot of it is echoes and remixes of theories and techniques that weren't all that sound to begin with. But here's the thing.

Words are the means by which ideas and influence spread. And they can be incredibly powerful, if you know how to use them.

But the way most content training is presented, and the way most people create their content is scattershot. Lots of great ideas, lots of great execution, very little overarching strategy or methodology.

Creating content this way is like lighting a sparkler. It’s pretty and attention grabbing, but ultimately effervescent, and certainly not powerful.

Most people’s answer to this problem? Light more sparklers. Post more often, post more provocatively, post and post and post and post until you’re the loudest person out there.

My answer? Forget the sparklers, create a circuit.

If you want to generate and harness energy in the real world, you create an electrical circuit. If works according to specific rules, and there are typically given points along the circuit to modify the energy flowing through it.

The same idea applies to your content. After working with hundreds of clients, I have a really good sense of what it takes to get your words performing as a business asset, and I’ve developed it into a methodology that I call The Content Circuit.

The Content Circuit:

Ta da!

Here’s how it works.

There are four stages that you’re going to go through every single time you’re creating content.

1. The message stage.

Here you’re figuring out what the core message of your business and brand is about. This forms the touchstone of everything that comes after it.

2. The audience stage.

Now that you know what you’re saying, you can figure out who you’re saying it to. Why does this matter? Because it’s only when you really know who you’re talking to that you can say it in a way that they can truly resonate with.

3. The strategy stage.

In this stage, you think about the overall purpose of your content and how you’re going to use it as a business asset, instead of putting it out there just ‘cause.

4. The content stage.

With the grounding of your message, your understanding of your audience, and your overall strategy, you can then create high quality content that really performs for your business.

When you get all four of these stages done right in the right order, you’ve set yourself up for some powerfully performing content that is true to your business and brand every single time, resonates with the people you actually care about, fits into an overall strategy that makes it really useful for your business, and is executed in a way that lives up to the promise of stages 1 - 3.

And unlike the sparkler method, with a circuit the energy is contained, directed, and harnessed so you can actually use it to support your business.

Is your content an asset for your business or a drain on your time?

So you've followed the advice of the so-called marketing gurus.

Created and crumpled a dozen "client avatars".

Blogged 'til you're blue in the face.

And you're still not seeing a ROI on your content.

People aren't reading, they're not remembering, and they're certainly not buying.

Let's fix that.

Actionable tips, effective strategies, and absolutely irreverent advice for getting your words to actually work for your business, right here.

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