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The Real Reason Words Matter

People will tell you all kinds of reasons that having the right words matter for your business. 

Having the right words is great for your sales. (True.) 

Having the right words cuts through the noise and makes people pay attention to you. (True.) 

Having the right words makes you look professional. (True.)

But the real reason that words matter? Connection.

Words are the means by which you connect with another person. Think about it for a second: you can transmit the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that are zinging around in your in your head in the form of electrical impulses to someone else’s head via a few squiggles on a page. That has never failed to blow my mind.

Without connection, as humans, we literally wither and die.

And I’m not just talking babies that don’t get cuddled, I’m talking about you and me. I’m talking about how isolation hits your body with the same destructive impact of smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes a day, how it’s likely the foundation of addiction, and how it increases your risk of dying early by over 30%.

Words are the means by which ideas and influence spread. Without the right ones, you’re invisible, silenced, disconnected. And disconnection? That’s deadly.

It makes the difference between great ideas spreading and them being left to rot on the ground.

It makes the difference between having that amazing “Oh, I thought I was the only one” moment and feeling like you’re on your own.

And it damn sure makes the difference between your people getting the help they need from your products and services and them having to go without.

Does this mean that you have to be all super serious all the time? Hell no!

Even if you buy into the honor that is access to another person’s brainspace (and I do), this doesn’t mean that you have to write very formally or agonize over every single word. To do that is to mistake the execution for the foundation.

Think of how it is when you’re with very close friends. You have a fundamental love and respect for them that underlies all of your interactions with them because, hey, they’re your close friends and you care about them.

But having this foundation of love and respect doesn’t mean that you treat them formally — in fact, it means just the opposite.

Since you’ve all tacitly agreed that you love and respect each other and that all of your interactions with each other are going to stem from that, you can relax. You can goof around. You can take risks and say silly things; you can be vulnerable and real with them because you know that connection’s there.

The foundation is deadly serious so the execution can be playful, vulnerable, and truly authentic.

Is that super easy to do every time? No. Does it lend itself to a tweetable phrase? Not particularly.

The truth is, real writing isn’t easy. It’s often slow. It doesn’t lend itself to a three step, one-size-fits-all template you can upsell in a webinar.

But when you get it right? It’s a bolt from the blue straight to your readers’ hearts.

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