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How to be an Island of Awesome in the Frenetic Torrent of Bullshit that is the Online Small Biz Space

Most people don’t know this, but in the book Dr. No, the bad guy doesn’t die in a spectacular technicolor 60s-style explosion while James Bond rides off into the sunset with Honey Rider. He actually dies by being buried in a giant pile of shit.

Which makes a great metaphor for what’s going on in the content marketing and online entrepreneurship space in general. People describe it as being noisy or loud, fast paced, busy, even crazy…

But let’s call it like it is — a frenetic torrent of bullshit.

You can’t be in this space without being touched by it: the manic “inspiration porn”, the shrieking obsession with hustle, the frantic ALL CAPS POSTS that are supposed to look excited but just look desperate.

Not to mention the bent truth of a #lovemyjob selfie that took 60 takes. The mangled “authenticity” post that just makes you look charmingly eccentric, rather than actually capable of having a real challenge or weakness.

The sheer fucking stupidity of trotting out the same old shit over and over again, even when you know it’s not right for everybody, or anybody. (“The money’s in the list! If you want it really really really hard, and then your dreams will manifest! Rebrand your way out of fuck-ups! Forget business strategy, it’s your money blocks that are holding you back!”)

It’s no wonder that those in the greater business world often still view this space as a combination of flimflam merchants, used car salesmen, and hobby businesses.

This despite the fact that the online economy is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and is the fastest growing economic sector in the US.

There is enormous, forehead slappingly great potential for this space.

And by and large, we’re pissing it away to people peddling us a frenetic torrent of bullshit.

It’s time to do better.

And no, I’m not going to start a Facebook group about it. I’m not going to encourage you to contribute to a super cool Kickstarter to save the Internet in exchange for a handmade bracelet and a copy of The 4-Hour Workweek. And I’m not going to ask you to write yet another post condemning the 6 figure people.

I’m going to ask you to be better. Write better. Live better. Run a better business. That’s it.

Every thing you make, make it the best one you can. Every email you send, send it with the respect and attention the people on the other end deserve. Every post you write, ask yourself whether you’re pulling people up with it, or pushing them down. Every time you have a chance to get into someone’s brainspace, do it with the ruthless integrity and deeply human honesty you want people to do for you.

It’s not as fun as shouting at other people, sitting around writing our hands at the state of the world today, Internet-style. It’s certainly harder than sending an angry Tweet.

But that is the art of being an island of awesome in the frenetic torrent of bullshit.

It’s not about trying to beat them at their own game by getting louder, posting more, drowning their bullshit out, only to replace it with something else obnoxious, myopic, and ultimately self-serving. It’s about changing the dynamic of the game by opting out of the crazy carousel and deciding that you’re going to do better.

It’s by getting smart about things like narrative. It’s about having the depth to figure out what you stand for and the cojones to follow through on that. It’s about taking the truly radical act of being rigorously, genuinely authentic in a space that’s increasingly subsumed by the aesthetic of authenticity.

Maya Angelou said, “I come as one, I stand as 10,000.” And with the deeply democratized nature of communication and influence on the Internet, you can do that very literally. You can have an enormous effect simply by being the person that shows people a better way.

But you have to actually do it. And you have to actually mean it. Because until that happens? You’re just along for the ride.

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