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[Guest Post!] How to Write an About Page that Makes You Look Awesome

About pages are the worst (or so they tell me). While I honestly enjoy writing About pages, I hear so many horror stories of pages languishing in Google docs for 18 months at a time, and I see bad copy/paste jobs from LinkedIn profiles.

And I kind of get it. I mean, after all, what are you supposed to say? Why would anyone care? And most importantly, how do you hit that magical balance between making yourself look awesome and making yourself look like an arrogant asshole?

The answer is incredibly simple: it all comes down to your relationship with your readers.

The main point of an about page is to give your target audience the information they need to say yes to working with you. And that means that yes, it does need to have some information about you in it. But it’s not really about you. Instead, it’s about them, and who you are in your potential relationship with them.

Because here’s the thing: while you are a multi-layered, absolutely fascinating gem of a person, not all of those layers are relevant to the people you’re working with. And as one of my favorite quotes says, “If there’s something that’s not adding value then it has to come off the table because if you’re not adding value, you’re taking up space.”

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