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[Guest Post!] How to Balance Personal vs. Professional in Your About Page Copy

About pages are the worst — writing one feels like you’re the new kid in class and the teacher’s asking you to introduce yourself … except you’re not talking to 23 kids, you’re potentially talking to the whole world.

But you know you have to have one. So after a quick four cups of coffee, a scroll or 12 through Instagram, and the tiniest of Netflix binges, you make yourself sit down to do it. You start off with a quick Google and find that there are three types of about pages: those that are cringily over-personal, the ones that sound like they were written by robots, and the ones that actually make you want to work with someone.

Cue angst.

Because c’mon. How are you supposed to write a page that somehow tells people they’re in the right place, makes them want to work with you, and shows off how great you are, but not in a way that makes you look like a jerk? It does require a bit of a balancing act — but it’s easier than you think.

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