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10 Post Ideas for When You Need a Blog Post Like, Yesterday

So … despite your best intentions, you didn’t write your blog post and now that deadline is breathing down your neck like a toddler in the row behind you on an airplane: sticky, vaguely threatening, driving all rational thought out of your head.

Dear God, the pressure!

Here’s what you do.

1. Recycle an old post.

Either fix up and update an old post, or write about the subject of that post in a different way. For instance, if you did a list of post ideas before, then you could write a post about how to come up with post ideas.

2. Write a response to somebody else’s post.

If you don’t have one that immediately comes to mind, then hop on to Twitter, Facebook (or hell, even Google News) and search for something you know a lot about. Then find a post that you get an immediate reaction to when you read it, and write that down.

3. Tell a story about yourself.

The only rule is that the story has to relate to your readers in a useful way. Did you learn a lesson that could help them, or can you inspire them in some way?

4. Do a supplies/equipment post.

Tell people what you use to work with, or review something that you use. Useful and pretty fast to crank out.

5. Do a round up of posts.

You can do a round up of your posts, or of recent posts that other people have written on a topic that you think your readers will care about.

6. Pull something from your products or courses.

If you’ve already got an ebook or a course out, then just grab some text from that and revamp it into a post. Easy to write and an easy way to direct attention to your products.

7. Write a manifesto.

What do you believe? What do you hate about your industry? What is the one thing that you want your readers to understand, even if they never ever read anything from you again?

8. Write a how-to.

Take one of your systems or the way that you do something and write down the exact steps of how you do it. This could be anything from writing a blog post to using your accounting software — just make sure that you don’t make any assumptions about what your readers know or don’t know, and spell everything out super clearly.

9. Ask a question.

Obviously you’ll need a little build up to this, like why the question is important, what made you think about it, etc., but this is a great way to get people talking and it also helps you learn more about your readers. You’ll usually get the best results with questions about emotions, beliefs, and stories.

10. Write a behind the scenes post.

What does your workday look like? People are naturally curious about how other people work and what their lives look like, and it’s a good way to build your personal brand with your readers.

And if you’re really, really stuck, then hit me up in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook and I’ll unstick you.

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